Hotel Transportation

Southern Florida is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the U.S., mostly because of the warm temperature all year round and the white sandy beaches. The best way to travel to the Southern Florida areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and West Palm Beach is by use of a limousine or shuttle. This beats car rental since tourists do not have to drive themselves. This is a particularly good option for visitors to Southern Florida since it eliminates the risk of getting lost and it ensures that they concentrate on soaking in the sights and sounds. It is also a good option for tourists seeking transportation to Fort Lauderdale airport or to Miami airport and from the airports since these are among the busiest airports in the U.S. and indeed the world. Tourists need a step-by-step guide on how to go about booking transportation to Miami airport or to Fort Lauderdale airport.

The first step is picking a good airport shuttle Miami service. The choice should be based on the tourist’s particular requirements and destination. The tourist should consider the quality of the shuttles or limousines and the amenities therein. Other important considerations are the safety record of the company, the training and experience of the chauffeurs and availability (or lack thereof) of insurance to person and luggage.  The next step is considering whether the companies shortlisted are credible and reliable. The tourist could do this by reading independent reviews, by getting recommendations from friends, relatives, colleagues, tour operators and travel agents and by checking with consumer protection agencies like the Better Business Bureau.

After picking a credible and reliable transportation to Fort Lauderdale airport, the next step is determining the cost. These companies will have provided quotes, but it is important that tourists do calculations themselves since different quotes have different charging methods.  The next step in booking transportation to Miami airport is visiting the company (whenever possible) the tourist has pinpointed. Once the tourist is satisfied with the vehicle and the service, the next step is going through the contract, paying particular attention to the fine print. The final step is paying the deposit.  Tourists should stick to a well established airport shuttle Miami service. One such shuttle service is Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle Inc. The award winning shuttle service has competitive prices, with as an example, the Fort Lauderdale Express Shuttle Service to South Beach Hotels goes for $36.00.


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